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In Progress:


Typesetting Modernity: American Missionary Publications and the Nascent Press in the Arab World, 1834-1860. [Book manuscript]


"Beyond Printed Manuscripts: Arabic Secular Publications Struck off the American Press in Beirut, 1837-1867." [Article manuscript completed, under review]



Book Reviews:


"Mazaar, Bazaar: Design and Visual Culture in Pakistan, by Saima Zaidi." The Journal of Design History (2013). Advance Access published Aug. 10, 2013, doi:10.1093/jdh/ept026. [PDF]


"Cultural Connectives: Bridging the Latin and Arabic Alphabets, by Rana Abou Rjeily." Design Issues, vol. 28, no. 4 (Fall 2012): 110-11. [PDF]


"The Diamond Sutra: The Story of the World’s Earliest Dated Printed Book, by Frances Wood and Mark Barnard." Printing History New Series (Jan 2014). [Forthcoming]




"Hearts Attached," Undo: A Critical Art Journal in English and Greek, vol. 1 (2007): 17-26. [republished online in Jul 2010 by ZgPress]


“Design Action,” in Mariana Amatullo, ed., Action: Art Center and the United Nations. Pasadena: Art Center College of Design, 2005, 11-15. (Catalog essay) [PDF]

"Minting Images," Bi-monthly Newsletter of Visual, Literary & Cultural Criticism (June 2006) [link]


"In Visible Changes: The MoMA Logo," unpublished paper (2006). Excerpts from text appeared in "Identity" a video/audio projection and accompanying booklet by DexterSinister, Artists Space, NYC, 2011 [link]


Papers Delivered

2013         "Beyond Printed Manuscripts: New Readings of Arabic Printing in Islamic Art History" [abstract]

                 Historians of Islamic Art Association Majlis | New Orleans | Oct 10


2013         "Struck off the American Press: Books Between Protestant Ideals and Arab Secular Desires" [abstract]

                 Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing | Philadelphia | Jul 18-21


2012         "Arabic Books in Flux: The Early Publications of the American Syria Mission (1835-1860)" [abstract]

                 Unstable Objects: Shifting Genealogies of Art, Artists, and Images in the Middle East

                 MESA Annual Meeting | Denver | Nov 17-20 


2011         "Printing Margins: Limitations in the Beginnings of the American Syria Mission's Publications"

                 American Printing History Association Annual Conference | San Diego | Oct 14-15

2011         "An Interface Between Script and Print: The Syria Mission's Bible of 1860"
                 Symposium on the History of Art | The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU and The Frick Collection | NYC | Apr 15-16

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